CPG held Xiangshan Forum 2020

  • Source:CPG | 2021-01-20

On themorning of December 15th, China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG)held Xiangshan Forum 2020 and 4th group learning of Youth’s Theoretical StudyGroup successfully. Huang Zhijian, President & Deputy Secretary of theLeading Party Members’ Group of CPG, and Liu Bogen, Board Member & ViceSecretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and Secretary of the PartyCommittee of organs directly affiliated to CPG, attended the meeting.

Huang Zhijian and Liu Bogen presented the award to the winners ofXiangshan Forum 2020. Liu Bogen read the announcements on the commendation ofCPG "Xiangshan Forum" 2020 and quarter stars of youth studying modelsof the 2ndgroup learning. Besides, Huang Zhijian conveyed the spirit of the speech givenby Liang Yanshun, the Deputy Secretary of Working Committee of Central and StateOrgans, at the study and exchange meeting for young cadres of central and stateorgans, and promoted the spirit of the 5th Plenary Session of the CPC 19thCentral Committee.

Eight young award-winners made keynote speechesto exchange their ideas. One hundred representatives, including the leadershipof Party Construction and youth work, youth representatives from “Three-HundredProject” and representatives of Communist Youth League attended the meeting at the main venue. People at the 35 branch venues participatedin the conference via video conference.


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