CPG attended the 6th Zhejiang Book Fair

  • Source:CPG | 2020-12-21

The 6th Zhejiang Book Fair was held in Ningbo International Convention and ExhibitionCenter from November 6th to 8th. Twenty-three affiliated publishing housesof China Publishing Group attended it, including People’s Literature PublishingHouse, the Commercial Press and Zhonghua Book Company, etc, bringing over 1,000kinds of excellent books published by the Groupto readers, such as Xi Jinping's Stories about Poverty Relief and SixHundred Years of the Forbidden City, and holding a number of book signings.

Two specialareas were set up in the 350 square meters “CPG Pavilion” -- the “ThemePublishing” and “CPG Good Books”. At the “Theme Publishing" area, fine CPG publications infour sections of poverty alleviation, China’s development path, the four historicalepochs and China's fight against COVID-19 were exhibited and sold ; while all thebooks on the list of CPG Good Books (2020), which featured four categories ofbooks, namely, academic culture, literature and art, popular science, andchildren's education, could be found in the “CPG Good Books” area.

At this year’s Zhejiang Book Fair, China PublishingGroup elaborated reading promotion activities in the main venue and a sub-venuerespectively, including a readers’ meeting with Jiang Nan, the writer of DragonRaja, which was organized by People's Literature Publishing House, and abook signing of Yan Chongnian, a historian specialized in Ming and QingDynasties, who wrote a book as a gift to theForbiddenCity. These activities were co-organizedby China Democracy and Legal System Publishing House and Sino-Culture Press.For the first time, the Book Fair realized online and offline interaction and on-site and off-sitecoexistence. Directors of several publishing houses affiliated to China PublishingGroup recommended to readers via video the CPGgood books, like “GlobalHistory” series by Sino-Culture Press.


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