Tan Yue Investigated at Party Branch of CNPIEC

  • Source:中国出版集团有限公司办公室 | 2020-11-10

On October 15th, Tan Yue, the Party Secretaryand President of China Publishing Group (CPG), had an investigation at PartyBranch of Digital Development Center of China National Publication Import and Export (Group) Corporation(CNPIEC), accompanied by the directors of relevant departments of the Group.

Afterthe debriefing, Tan gave full affirmation to the work of the Party committee ofCNPIEC and the Party Branch of Digital Development Center where there are newideas in Party construction with specific measures and innovation in practices.Tan also put forwards three requirements on how to further improve Partyconstruction. First, to find out key issues in the details of futuredevelopment, such as the weakness and driving force. Second, to understand thecauses and key points. The fundamental premise of Party construction lies infirm political standing, and the central issue is comprehensive integration. Theinspection standard of party construction is “being useful and effective”. Third,to create modern carriers. Party construction requires to build an effectivelearning organization and, focusing on the central issues of the period, theParty committee should translate personal learning, group communication andideological collision into real measures and practical projects.


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