China Publishing Group debuted at China International Fair for Trade in Services

5G Smart Service and Story of Grand Canal

  • Source:中国出版集团公司网站 | 2020-09-18


On September 4, the 2020 China InternationalFair for Trade in Services opened at the Beijing National Convention Center.The group organized 23 publishing units and Xinhua Bookstore headquarters, ChinaNational Publications Import and Export Corporation, and Rongbaozhai participatedin the exhibition. Nearly 20 digital products including the digital videoexhibition “Grand Canal across Time andSpace” and 5G reading products, as well as more than 100 kinds of books ofChina Publishing Group, cultural and creative products, received enthusiasticresponse on the spot, and were received by mainstream media on both sides ofthe strait such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV news broadcast andlive news room, and CTITV. Huang Zhijian, the president of the company, thegeneral manager, and deputy secretary of the party committee, attended theopening ceremony of the international fair. Li Yan, a member of the partycommittee and the general manager of the company, went to the exhibition siteto guide. The digital video exhibition “GrandCanal across Time and Space” was produced by China Encyclopedia PublishingHouse. With the 2,700-km-long Grand Canal of China as the creative background,it realized the perfect integration of 3D animation and 2D scenes, showing thatthe charm of Grand Canal beyond politics.


Atthe site, the group also showed more than 10 digital products and serviceplatforms including the “Commercial Press Boutique Reference Book Series”,“Jihewang” of Zhonghua Book Company, “Zhongdu” of SDX Joint Publishing Company,online shopping mall of Xinhua Bookstore, and Printing on Demand of ChinaPublishing Group, and JoveLite of GTCOM.




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