【Culture】Famed poet pens verses of encouragement, solace amid virus

  • Source:China Daily | 2020-06-05

As the fight against the novel coronavirus continues worldwide, a Chinese poet Qian Dai composed two poems, Wild Goose, A Compliment and Longing at night to express her encouragement for the continued efforts of everyone and her love and longing for those who have died.

Qian, a graduate from Peking University, has published renowned works including Butterflies in the City and Beauty of Heaven and Earth. Her works have been included in the collections of libraries of prestigious universities across China.

The two poems are translated by Chu Yan, a graduate from the University of Melbourne who excels at translating modern Chinese poems.

[Photo provided to China Daily]

Wild Goose, A Complement

No wild goose

Would deliberately seek

"The echo of its voice",

A complement to

"Leave a reputation".

To leave a reputation

Is an element,

Both natural and unnatural,

Of our human intention.

We are not wild geese;

Our place in history

Is not for ourselves to linger,

But for others to memorise.

Let us be learners

Of a wild-goose glide,

Feeling the free air between wings,

Reduce wind resistance

And ramble with wind's assistance.

Upwind or downwind,

We follow the direction

Of forging a unique life.


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