Sun Yuemu gave speech on 2019 Annual Safety Production Group Research

  • 2019-10-18


Tomake sure the safety of the production, and supervise the safe production ofall units, on September 24th, Sun Yuemu, deputy general manager ofChina Publishing Group, member of communist party group, conduct the team toinspect the safety of the office area of World Publishing Corporation accordingto the unified deployment of the group, focusing on the key points such as safetyproduction, cultural relics protection, fire protection facilities, andflammable materials storage. 


Afterwards,the group held 2019 Annual Safe Production Group Research and Safety Meeting inWorld Publishing Corporation. Sun delivered a speech on the meeting, Hu Qingyan,the director of China Publishing & Media Holdings Co. Ltd. as the host.Wang Wu, the Party Secretary of World Publishing Corporation, Shen Zhijin, thegeneral manager of Xinhua United Distribution, Lin Jian, deputy general managerof CNPIEC reported the safety production work of their respective units. Nearly70 people in charge of safety work and heads of department for safety work invarious units of the group attended the meeting. 


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