People's Literature Publishing House promotes the copyrights of the new Mao Dun

  • Source:中国出版集团公司网站 | 2019-09-12


Recently, the 10th Mao Dun Prize for Literature announced its winners. Leading Story(Xu Huaizhong) and Brother Ying Wu (Li Er) were among the list. On August 21, the launching ceremony of copyrights of the two works was held which attracted a number of overseas publishing houses and agencies. Many famous people attended the ceremony, including Tan Yue, Chairman & Secretary of CPC Party Group, China Publishing Group Corporation, Pan Kaixiong, Vice President and Member of CPC Party Group, China Publishing Group Corporation, Zang Yongqing, President of People’s Literature Publishing House, Ying Hong, Editor-in-Chief of People’s Literature Publishing House, Chen Xiaoming, a famous literary critic and Dean of Department of Chinese Language of Peking University, Shi Zhanjun, a famous literary critic and Editor-in-Chief of People’s Literature,  Mohamad Khatib, CEO of Digital Future of Lebanon, Mohammed Ayres, president of Akdem Publishing House of Turkey, Jehad Abu Hashesh, President of Fadaat Publishing & Distribution House of Jordan, Roberto Marcucci, President of L'Erma di Bretschneider of Italy, Patrizia Liberati, the Italian translator of Coloratura(Li Er), Guillermo Bravo, President of Mil Gotas Press of Argentina and planner of the Spanish version of Coloratura, etc. Li Er, the author of the novel Brother Ying Wu, attended the ceremony and shared his feeling of winning the award. Xu Huaizhong, the author of Leading Story, entrusted his private seal with the editor to stamp as a souvenir for the readers.


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