Books of the Year 2018 released by CPGC

  • Source:CPG | 2019-01-28

Recently, China Publishing Group Corporation released the list of Books of the Year 2018, with a total of 50 books of 4 kinds selected, including themed publication, humanities and social sciences, literature and art, and children's education.



The selection lasted for nearly 2 months, with rounds of preliminary review and re-evaluation. The presidents and editors-in-chief of more than 20 publishing houses of the corporation served as the preliminary reviewers, while many authorities of publishing field served as the reviewers of the second round, including Hao Zhensheng, the president of the Chinese Editors Association, Wei Yushan, the president of the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, Yang Ping, the vice president of the China Book Review Society, Cao Wenxuan, a famous children’s literature writer, Zhang Guogang, the professor of History Department at Tsinghua University, Lv Cha, a book reviewer, and Li Pan, producer of the CCTV program Reading, as well as the editors-in-chief and directors of many media, including People's Daily, Guangming Daily, Chinese Social Sciences Today, China Press Publication Radio Film and Television Journal, China Publishing and Media Journal, China Reading Weekly, Sina Reading, Himalaya FM, and Spiritual Wealth Club. Altogether 50 books were picked as the Books of the Year after reviewing and voting. 


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