Symposium of Centenary of Chen Yuan's Birth Held in Beijing

  • Source:CPG | 2019-01-28

The year of 2018 was the centenary of birth of Chen Yuan, a well-known publisher, linguist, writer, translator, pioneer and activist of Esperanto Movement in China.


On the morning of Dec. 21,  the Symposium on Centenary of Chen Yuan's Birth, co-sponsored by the Publishers Association of China, All-China Esperanto League and the Commercial Press, was held at the Commercial Press. As a famous publisher and an important leader in the field of publishing in China, Chen made important contributions to the contemporary publishing cause and culture of China during his nearly 70 years of publishing career. Besides, he published many valuable insights in such fields as publishing, sociolinguistics, Esperanto, music, etc. and left behind abundant works for the later generations. More than 60 people attended this symposium, including Shen Changwen and Dong Xiuyu, two publishers, Tan Xiuzhu, an Esperanto expert, as well as some veterans of the Commercial Press and Chen’s former subordinates, students and relatives. They retrospected and reviewed his achievements and highly appraised his spirit and character. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth, Centennial Cultural Research Center of Commercial Press schemed and published Chen Yuan’s Pocketbook Series, aiming to sort out the historical materials and memorial articles about him to pay tribute to this pioneer with humanistic vision.


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