Publishers discusses on “OBOR” International Publishing Cooperation

  • Source:CBI | 2019-01-15

On December 12th, 2018, International Publishing Cooperation Summit, the sub-forum of the 2nd International Press and Publishing Cooperation Conference was held in Tai’an of Shangdong by Encyclopedia of China Publishing House.


The summit is mainly on how to deepen the cooperation of international publishing cooperation along the OBOR. According to Wu Shulin, the standing deputy chairman of Publishers Association of Chin, following the OBOR strategy, Chinese publishing industry has made achievement on the cooperation with countries along OBOR as well as cultural communication. Under this background, various cultures could be delivered and spread, making more opportunities for publishing development home and abroad. Li Yan, the vice president of China Publishing and Media Group, said in his speech, bearing the cultural mission and responsibility on mind, China Publishing Group has always attached much importance to the cooperation and communication with countries along OBOR. Its subsidiary publishing units have been cooperating with publishers from countries along OBOR on copyright trade, OBOR thematic publishing, and international editorial department establishment. All foreign publishers on the summit agreed that the summit provides an international platform for friendly and profound communication for international publishers, also a foundation for expanding cooperation and raising cooperation effect. 


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