Beijing’s National Museum of China showcases the works of Zhang Daqian

  • Source:Global Times | 2018-01-22

An art exhibition featuring the work of well-known Chinese artist Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) kicked off on Tuesday at Gallery N11 in the National Museum of China (NMC), the museum announced in a Sina Weibo post on Monday. 

Hosted by the NMC, the Sichuan Museum and the Rong Bao Zhai folk art gallery, the exhibition showcases more than 100 of Zhang's artworks from throughout his career. 

The exhibition is divided into five main parts: Portraying Dunhuang Murals, Collections of the Antique Shop, Friends and Tutors of Daqian and Seals of Daqian. 

One of the 20th century's most significant Chinese artists, Zhang captured the attention of the world with his brilliant artistic achievements and colorful life experience. 

The collection is expected to provide visitors new insight into Zhang's art career. 

The exhibition will display several of Zhang's more well-known masterpieces for the public to enjoy, such as Longquan Temple Bamboo Book, Clouds over Huashan Mountain and A Copy of Late Tang Illustration of Raudraksa's Battle with Sariputra. 

In addition to works from Zhang's brush, pieces from his personal collection will also be on display such as Clear-up after Snow in Chang'an by Shi Tao and Martial Officer and Caged Goose by Chen Hongshou. 


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