The promotion of German Edition of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” held

  • Source:CPG | 2018-01-05

In the evening of November 28th, Eva Schestag, German Sinology and translator held the promotion of the German edition of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” in Berlin Chinese Culture Center at its invitation, attracting 70 persons as audience. 

Chen Jianyang, the director of Berlin Chinese Culture Center, said in his speech, the Chinese four major novels are valuable treasure for the world. “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” has profound influence on Chinese literature, movie, opera, Chinese language as well as countries around. The launching of its German edition remarks a new level of the communication between China and Germany on literature. 

During the interaction, many Germans had exchanges with Eva Schestag on Chinese history, classic literature, and translation of ancient Chinese as well as their wishes for deep understanding China. After the activity, 3 sets of exquisite German edition of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” were sold out on the site. The Plossers, members of local Germany and China Friendship Association said, they had traveled and investigated in China for many times. They have a lot of books on China. They are very glad to have this set of classic novels in their collection, which would be the best Christmas gift for themselves. 


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