Tan Yue: Do Publishing well in New Era

  • Source:CPG | Tan Yue | 2018-01-05

To do publishing well in the new era, we must take Xi Jinping's Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era as the spiritual and ideological guideline, and adhere to the people-oriented direction of the publishing industry. We must give priority to social benefits and insist on the organic integration of social benefits and economic benefits.

Writings for conveying truth is the principle. The publishing work is the carrier of the social value and affects people’s mind and soul, so the core values of socialism should be carried forward conscientiously in the publishing field. Besides, the publishing companies should exert active influence on the reading trend of the public by creating more master pieces of high quality of the age. In this way, fine spiritual and cultural food can be provided to readers to satisfy their new expectations for a better life.

Business for spreading truth is the foundation. In the competition of both domestic and overseas markets, the cultural enterprises should spread cultural contents by commercial approaches. Keen awareness, profound thoughts and popular communications are very necessary in selecting topics, developing market and building brand. On this basis, the origin of the excellent Chinese traditional culture can be explored and more morally correct and heartwarming works with spiritual strength will be created to build up timely, thoughtful and classic style of culture. By doing so, people will be educated with books and moralized with writings, thus boosting the vitality of contemporary Chinese people.

Innovation for promoting truth is the focus. In the tide of industrialization, digitization and globalization, it is necessary not only to inherit the historic mission and glorious tradition, but also to shoulder the social responsibility of the times. It is necessary not only to revitalize the existing resources, but, at the same time, to enlarge the scale of increment. We must use the contemporary interpretation of traditional culture and the academic expression of the Chinese road to tell China’s stories and to spread China’s voice so that our outstanding publishing products can be promoted into overseas universities, research institutions, Chinese language classes and mass markets. In this way, we can provide the international community with a chance to understand the true and comprehensive China, thus improving constantly our soft power.

Editor:Cao yu

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