From “Go international” to “Go local”

  • Source:CPG | 2017-10-09


Beijing International Book Fair was opened on August 23, 2017. China Publishing Group with its 20 subordinate publishing houses displayed 1500 titles of export-oriented books, showing the main achievements of Chinese publishing books going international since the 18th Party Congress. 

First, foreign sinologists and translators were invited on BIBF. It gathered around 100 foreign sinologists, translators and young copyright agents through seminars and conferences.

Second, world-known publishing enterprises took part in BIBF. The Commercial Press signed strategic cooperation agreement with Brill, a famous Dutch academic publisher, and released “Oxford Elementary Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (Fourth Edition)” and “Oxford Picture Dictionary” with the cooperation of Oxford University Press. 

 Third, BIBF expanded the channel of “OBOR” policy. During BIBF, the Commercial Press signed strategic cooperation agreement with Iranian Embassy in China. Besides, new progress was made on BIBF on the two topics of “China Book go international” --- “the modern illustration of traditional culture” and “the academic demonstration of China Road” as China Publishing Group possesses a group of well-known publishing brands and high-quality book content resource. When working on the traditional paper publication going international, more cooperation modes should be created as focusing on the localized integration and the digital integration for the rapid increase of copyright outbound. 

Editor:Cao Yu

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