Li Yan: Various measures are taken to give impetus to going-out

  • Source:CPG | 2017-08-28

As one of the best publishers in pushing forward the going-out in recent years, China Publishing Group has formed its own unique ideas and features.

“The internationalization of publishing should serve the overall interests and move on with the trend.” As introduced by the vice president Li Yan, the China Publishing Group has been stepping up efforts in management, service and training to improve efficiency in going-out.

Besides, more efforts have been taken in contents construction and planning of original export-oriented products to improve the quality of going-out. Channels have been strengthened to pinpoint the target readers, especially the institution readers. More innovation in system and mechanism as well as the improvement of endogenous impetus have served as the support to going-out of the CPG.

Moreover, the requirements of academic norms for the original books have been improved to keep in line with the international practice; many outstanding publishing houses have been selected as partners to improve the brand and international fame of the Group; and assessment has been made on the academic publishing capability of the partners. All these measures are taken for going-out by the social science literature publishing houses.

Editor:Cao Yu

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