China Publishing Group Ranks 29 of “China’s Top 500 Brands”

  • Source:CPG | 2017-02-07


During December 28th-30th, 2016, Asia Brand jointed with China-Asia Economic Development Association, China Business Herald, and Macao Commercial Press held “The 11th Asia Brand Ceremony 2016” in Macao. China Publishing Group listed 29 of “China’s Top 500 Brands”, which was listed with a big raise after successively selected into “Top 500 Asia Brand” in 2014 and 2015. 

On the forum of “To cultivate craftsmanship spirit and lead the industry by brands” during the ceremony, guests analyzed from multi-dimensions on brand values, such as “How to make Chinese brands go international with the OBOR strategy”, and “To explore the business value of brands”, which offered more scientific and powerful guides on the comprehensive resources distribution. Enterprises knew better on how to forge loyal customer group more product premium, and more stable profit by brand enhancement to empower themselves against market risks.

Asia Brand Ceremony is a comprehensive platform for the exchange and promotion of brands of Asian enterprises to enhance their brand competitiveness, the first stop of Chinese brands going Asia, also a significant stage for famous economists and brand management experts domestic and abroad to exchange academic thoughts, release brand lists, and award excellent brand enterprises and figures. This ceremony is held under the strategy of brand empowering the nation, complying with the features of new media, which is a landmark in the era. China Mobile, Wanda, China Publishing Group were elected as “China’s Top 500 Brands of 2016”. Also “Top 50 Talents on China Brand 2016”, “Top 100 Chinese listed companies 2016” were released too. The top 30 enterprises of “China’s Top 500 Brands 2016” includes ICBC, Huawei, Sinopec, Alibaba, China Mobile, Baidu, Wanda, JD.com, China Unicom, ZTE, China Publishing Group, and Evergrande.  


In China’s Top 500 Brands Evaluation Mechanism, Brand Value equals Brand Earning+ Brand Potential. Brand value is partly based on the economic value of the brand in current background and operation status, and partly based on the influence of its cultural foundation and quality on development potential. The 8 first-class indexes on the brand strength are the enterprise credit, the culture bearing capacity of the brand, legal protection, the intensity of customer relationship, the quality and service, the brand power, the brand stability, and the innovative guide.

The estimation on the brand investment for an enterprise will affect the economic benefit and brand value in the change of future market. The key is to find a way to open the market, attract more talents and improve the way of cashing the brand value.

On November 28th, 2014, China Publishing Group held brand operation strategic promotion to convince the theme of brand construction of the group, i.e. “to promote the brand product, to strengthen the brand enterprise, to improve the brand technology and service”. It also clarified the key point of brand construction strategy, i.e. to promote the five combinations of the brand with the quality, content, technology, market and capital, to focus on the basic concept of implementing 6 strategies and promoting “five combinations”, to highlight the brand guide in the strategy, to implement the branding business in the combination to further improve the image of the brand. 

China Publishing Group based on the excellent brand image, has been selected in “Top 30 National Cultural Enterprises” for 8 successive years, and gradually advanced in the ranking. It was listed in “Top 50 Global Publishing Industry” for four years. In 2014, it was “China’s Enterprises with Best Potential”. In 2016, it was awarded as “New Economic Leading Enterprises in China 2016”, which was the unique in publishing industry. From 2014 to 2016, it was listed in “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in Beijing” for successive two times as it was held once in two years. In 2016, it won the Top 50 Best Employers of 14th Chinese College Students of ChinaHR.com. 


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