Ten Creative Book Stands at the Beijing Book Fair

  • Source:China Daily | Zhang Xingjian | 2016-09-05


No.1 National Publication Foundation

When entering the book stand, a huge red "Shu" character, which literally means books, would come into our views.

A total of 30,000 various books have been shown to visitors at the 23rd Beijing International Book Fair.

Indeed, it is a universal truth that the content determines the lifetime of a certain book. An appealing book design or an innovative book stand may attract visitors to come and see. In a sea of books, why not take a look at the ten most creative book stands?


No.2 Zhejiang Publishing United Group

The book stand takes advantage of a traditional architecture style in the South of Yangtze River with a G20 2016CHINA logo displayed at the front.


No.3 Anhui Province Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television

The book stand takes advantage of traditional Hui-style architecture to demonstrate the Hui culture in East China's Anhui province.


No.4 Sichuan Publishing

Sichuan Publishing book stands showcases the cultural symbol of panda, facial design and Sichun Opera in the forefront area.


No.5 People's Publishing House

Memorial archway is adopted by People's Publishing House with red as the background color.


No.6 Children's Fun Publishing Co. Ltd.

The book stand is built into a castle style with classic Disney characters painted on the wall.


No.7 China Publishing Group (Kids and Teens Zone)

The book stand is built into the shape of a horse to attract young people to take a look. 


No.8 Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Putting books in a very huge lamp renders visitors a sense of warmth.


No.9 China Children's Press & Publication Group

By taking a traditional bookshelf style, China Children's Press & Publication Group's design is endowed with the meaning: the more books you read, the higher position you will stand.


No.10 Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House

A wall filled with children's paintings successfully attract many children to come.


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