International Seminar of “Reading China’s Tibetan Stories” Series Held by CTPC

  • Source:CPG | 2015-08-26

On August 26, International Seminar of “Kaleidoscopic Ethnic Chinese Writers” and “Reading China’s Tibetan Stories” Series was held at the new venue of China International Exhibition Center. Attendees invited to the seminar included Pan Xi’an, member of Party Leadership Group of China Publishing Group Corp. and vice president of China Publishing & Media CO., LTD, Ye Mei, presidium member of the China Writers Association and vice president of China International P.E.N., Zhang Gaoli, editor-in-chief of China Translation & Publishing Corporation (CTPC), Robert Scriven, the partner of Ian Taylor Associates, UK, and Xu Gefei, General Manager of Hachette-Phoenix.


At the beginning, Mr. Zhang Gaoli briefed to all the guests the contemporary situation of ethnic writing in China, including the representative authors, works and geological characteristics. Then, the guests had a talk about how to broadcast Chinese voice and tell Chinese stories in the perspective of ethnic writers, and exchanged views about the acknowledgement, acceptance and publishing conditions of works of modern Chinese female authors and Tibetan writers. The seminar aimed at arousing international concern and attention on Chinese ethnic minority literary works and starting the going-out of more ethnic minority literary works.

“Kaleidoscopic Ethnic Chinese Writers” consists of five female writers’ works. They are Song Rod by Tujia writer Ye Mei,Writing Before Sleep by Manchu writer Na Ye, Monk Dance by Korean writer Jin Renshun, An Eternal Lamb by Kazakh writer Yerkesy Hulmanbiek, and Thus Speaks the Narrator by Manchu writer Zhao Mei. “Reading China’s Tibetan Stories” Series consist of eight books by eight Tibetan writers. They are Erathem by Tsring Norbu, Kangba by Dazhen, Paper Plane by Yan Yingxiu, Purple Barley by Nyima Pandor, Hidden Face by Gerong Zhuimei, The Kangba Way by Jiangyang Tsering, Bulongde Oath by Liangjiong Langsa, and Mortals in Lhasa by Pema Nadron.

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