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Animation and Comics

source:CPG Digital Media Co.,Ltd | 2015-08-14



Itspecializes in integration and operation of animation and comics resources anddigital channel cooperation. It has established the “Chinese animation andcomics resource database”including 1,500 volumes of works or about 60 thousand pieces of works and has been granted the digital rights by over 100 cartoonists. Such database is selected by the State Administration of Press,Publication, Radio, Film and Television as the reform and development projectdatabase. It provides services via internet, clients, animation and comics’bases, web TV and other channels.




It releases clients for reading Chinese Cartoons and Comics on iPad andmakes about 200 excellent cartoons available for downloading; it puts forward the concept of “cartoon animation” for the first time and attempt sproduct development and application. As a result, 22 e-book applications including Leishen Prince, Datu Diary, Nursery Rhymes for Family Safety and Shadow Play, are available for sale online. It is the host of “ChinaPicture Book Fair”and the organizer of “Asian Youth Animation & Comics Contest”.




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