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Promotion, Selection Ordering Platform

source:CNPIEC | 2015-08-14



CNPIEC Library Services Platform PSOP is an online library services platform for Chinese Libraries, which stands for Promotion, Selection Ordering Platform.


PSOP has changed the traditional acquisition which was done manually with printed catalogue. It provides libraries with a complete solution which features in the aspects of information acquisition, professional recommendation, MARC downloading,electronic orders, collection data sharing and so on.




1. Up to thepresent, PSOP offers over six million titles. Each month, at least over 10 thousand titles are included in the database. USMARC downloading is also available.


2. PSOP not only provides book information like bibliographic details, description, tables of contents, readership levels, book covers, but also the Chinese libraryclassification system, title translation, book review, recommendation by the Chinese experts and library collection information.


3. On PSOP, eachlibrary has its own logo, account system, announcement management and acquisition management etc. Readers can easily access to PSOP through the library website.


4. On PSOP,professors or experts are able to select academic books from vast sources forthe librarians, and to provide their comments on books for the readers andlibraries.


5. PSOP providesmore efficient measures in the aspect of individual services, which features inemail sending, instant news release, message exchange, and all that makes the service an interactive one.


6. PSOP supportAcquisition cooperation and Catalog sharing between libraries so as to realizethe mutual construction and sharing of information resources.




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