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The Lifeweek Magazine APP

source:TheLifeweek Magazine | 2015-08-14



"TheLifeweek Magazine APP" is the mobile application of the most notable magazine in China. Its content updated everyday, included the select articlesfrom the paper magazine, also the audio,video, and many multimedia form that paper magazine doesn’t have.


"The Lifeweek Magazine APP" formally launched in March 2011,and up to August2015, it already been through three major revision, several small revision. The new version adds personalized columns, which improved the reading experienceand the operation method. The new version fits more today’s mobile readinghabits.


Currently"The Lifeweek Magazine APP"is mainly based on paper version of themagazine. According to mobile reading habits, the APP conducted sophisticated content filtering and rearranging,in order to make the content more focused and shorter in length. In the meantime, it made the layout design of the APP moresuitable for mobile phone operation. In addition to the paper magazine content,there are good articles from the new original column ‘Season Talk’ .This columncan let people follow the rhythm of traditional four seasons, understanding interesting folk habits, learning to master health tips, have a taste of rareliterary elegance, delightful stories in life. Furthermore, in the‘vision’column and other columns, we have a selection of wonderful pictures andvideos from other media ,to enrich the content of "The Lifeweek MagazineAPP" and increasing the user’s fresh multimedia experience.


"TheLifeweek Magazine APP" currently has178 million downloads, the totalnumber of users ranked the forefront of similar APP.


Lifeweek Magazine is published by Sanlian Bookstore,a unit of China Publishing Group.The magazine earns its reputation and influence in the main stream as acomprehensive news and cultural weekly for the immediate focus on currentevents and the view of life in the new era.It records the changes in China and the world on a unique perspective and with a deep thinking and humanities. The idea of "A magazine and the life it promotes" is accepted by more and more people.





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