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CNPIEC’s Trading and Service Platform for Digital Resources

source:CNPIEC | 2015-08-14



As one of the largest digital content platform in China,independently developed by CNPIEC, CNPeReading positions herself as “One Platform,Vast Content, Global Services”. Through our new cooperation model and service philosophy, CNPeReading provides integrated promotion and marketing solutionsfor upstream publishers, one-stop, triune, recommendation, online reading and management servicesfor downstream institutions & libraries. The ideaof“Partnership,Participation, Profiting” is fully embodied in CNPeReading. Through that idea, wededicate to building CNPeReading into China’s largest trading and service platform for digital resources and a bridge for Sino-foreign culture exchangein the digital era.


CNPeReading integrates quality e-books ande-journeys from hundreds of domestic and overseas publishers, providing simultaneous multi-user access whenever and wherever possible, making academic researches more efficient.


·Support online reading and content download


·Support multiple authentication modes including IP authentication


·Flexible ordering model


·Perpetual Access once purchased.


CNPeReadingoffers libraries:

·One-stop solutions for selection and procurement of Chinese and foreigndigital resources


·The professor recommendation management specially designed for Chineselibrary purchase procedures


·Comprehensive management of order information and usage reports


·Security of localized trading and storage


·China Library Classification system and customized MARC Records


·Professional local service teams


·Disciplinary resource update alert


CNPeReadingoffers readers:

·Friendly resource navigation


·Efficient full-text retrieval and convenient collection


·Good reading experience from the online reader


·Online recommendation of digital content


·Personalized notes and favorites


·Quotation output management


CNPIEC'sDigital Resources Service

In response to the development of global digital publishing and the rapid growth of domestic and overseas readers'demands for digital contents, CNPIEC has assembled a digital resource service team which is specialized in digital resource integration as well as digital product development, marketing and service, and provides stable system operation maintenance and network operation maintenance to ensure the stability andsecurity of digital resource service.


CNPIEC have established solid and extensive cooperation with global renowned publishers, society/associate publishers and international organizations. In the past years, our fruitful sales activities and marketing campaigns have been helping publishers explore the market in digitalreading efficiently.


We are committed to offering librariesall-round services related to digital resources:


Customized digital resource libraryacquisition solutions based on your demands for collection


Building Offer services such as trial use,duplicate check, library acquisition, access opening and training of digital resources


Pay return visits regularly to help youduly resolve problems arising in use.


Whenever you need knowledge promotion or knowledge services,Please contact us:

The Digital Development Center,CNPIEC

Niu Yi

Email: niuyi@cnpiec.com.cn Tel:010-65063061


Wu Xin

Email:wuxin@cnpiec.com.cn Tel:010-65063061

OverseasContent Department

Zhao Yuan

Email:zhaoyuan@cnpiec.com.cn Tel:010-65042113

ChineseDigital Product Department

Duan Ran

Email:duanran@cnpiec.com.cn Tel:010-65042113






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