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source:GTC Tech | 2015-08-14



Global Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd.(GTC Tech)is the holding subsidiary of China Translation Corporation (former China Translation & Publishing Corporation). Based on the world leading language technologies, GTC Tech utilizes the Internet/mobile Internet, language big data and cloud computing technologies, to create O2O language service solutions forusers. With billions of mulitilinual translation corpus, huge translators'pool, and YeeCloud™ O2O ecommerce platform, GTC Tech has become a worldleading language services and technology provider.  



YeeCloud™is an integrated service ecosystem based on cloud computing and language big data that aims to provide smart language services for internet users, commercialclients, professional translators and language services providers. TheYeeCloud™ platform builds a perfect O2O ecosystem integrating B2B/B2C/C2Cecommerce platform, language project management, language big data processing,analysis and management, professional translation tools, machine translation,value-added services and translators' social network.





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