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Zhonghua Ancient BooksDatabase

source:Zhonghua Book Company | 2015-08-14



Zhonghua Book Company has built Zhonghua Ancient BooksDatabase through years’ accumulation in order to offer clients with a databaseof high-quality collated ancient books. This database covers the core resources of Zhonghua Books Company——collated ancient books, including ConfucianClassics, history, philosophy and Belles-lettres. Its content consists of Twenty-Five Histories, Historic Writings of Politicization Series, A Collectionof Different Schools, Thirteen Classics Explanatory Notes and Commentaries from Qing Scholars, Historical Notes Collection, Basic Series of Classical Literature, Buddhist Classics Collection, etc. Till now it contains 431 kindsof collated ancient books and the increasing total volume is more than300,000,000 words. This database shall keep on expanding and soon become the greatest and most authoritative one of its kind in China.


Zhonghua Ancient Books Database offers profession alclients a searching and quoting approach that is far more convenient and efficient than before. Not only can our product realize the compare of text and original book images, it also can automatically generate reference format. Ourproduct could save our clients from the trouble of verifying original book.Needed resources can be quoted and verified at the same time. Our product could also associatively search for different names and search respectively in text,proper names, collation and annotation. With this base, professional readercould enjoy a full-scale searching service for documents.




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