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The Eastern Miscellany FTR Database

source:The Commercial Press | 2015-08-14

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As the “No.1 journal in Republicof China era”, The Eastern Miscellany,published by The Commercial Press, was started in March, 1904, and ceased publication in December, 1948, covering a period of 45 years with altogether 819 issues.


The Eastern Miscellany had gone through several significant historical periods in China, such as late Qing Dynasty, The Revolution of 1911, The May Fourth Movement, Anti-Japanese War and War of Liberation, making authentic records of the development track of China inmodern times. Known as the “database for Modern Chinese history” and “stronghold in journal world”, The Eastern Miscellany provides indispensable first-hand information for research on the Republicof China history.


The Eastern Miscellany FTR (Full-Text Retrieval)Database (hereinafter referred to as “the database”) went on market in the end of March, 2014. Up to May of 2015, the database has been sold and highly recognized in domestic and global regions, gradually forming its brand influence.


Now the users of the database include many internationally recognized universities and researching institutes of socialscience, such as Renmin University of China, Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Library of Australia and Berlin State Library.


In February 2015, the database won thedigital publication award of “The Fifth Chinese Best Publication Awards”.


With the database as foundation,The Commercial Press is planning to fully digitalize 36 journals and magazines(published before 1949) published in the Republic of China era, including Fiction Monthly, Journal of Education and Children’sPictorial, and to establish the first genuine FTR database platform forjournals and magazines in the Republic of China era.






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