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A Hundred Selected Dictionary Database

source:The Commercial Press | 2015-08-14



“A Hundred Selected Dictionary Database” is adigital product launched by the Commercial Press of China Publishing Group. The Commercial Press has been acclaimed as a time-honored treasure houseof numerous high-quality dictionaries published over more than a century. Invirtue of abundant resources, The Commercial Press strives to build a largedatabase/digital library that is authoritative, professional and innovative.


“AHundred Selected Dictionary Database” is a large collection comprising over 100best- and long-selling dictionaries in more than 20 languages, includingChinese, English, Russian, German, French, Japanese, and Spanish. More than 3.6million entries are included in the size of over 0.35 billion words.


This database is innovative in its content structure and function design.By integrating the rich high-quality materials of The Commercial Press in a newway, the database establishes an interlinked, multi-dimensional and dynamic knowledge system, which is way more convenient than the isolated and monotonous paperbooks. With better user experience, it increases the value of reference books and can serve as a platform for learning new words and knowledge.


Some other features ofthis database are as follows:


Audio of pronunciations by native speakers;


Video of dynamic stroke order for Chinese characters;


Powerful and scientific search function;


Customization for different users;


Multi-leveled and multi-versioned product interfaces.


The database contains not only quite a number of specialized dictionaries, but also many general language dictionaries. It is suitable for both organizational and individual users.


“AHundred Selected Dictionary Database” won the Award for the Best Brand on the Fifth Chinese Digital Publishing Exposition in July, 2013, and the Nomination for the Fifth Chinese Best Publications Award (Electronic Publication) in February,2015.




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