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Resource Management System

source: | 2015-08-14


China Publishing Group Digital Media Company set up “China Publishing Group Digital Resource Management System” in 2013 for unified management on the digital capital of the subsidiaries of China Publishing Group. 




The system controls various digital resources (books, newspapers, journals, animations and audio products) as well as various information on resource, products, partners and marketing, and offers services on inquiry, searching, upload and download. Through resource management system, copyright management system and product processing system, it would organize, transfer and release the content uniformly. Basing on the international digital storage criteria, and on the consideration of the digital security, access convenience and business expandability, the system supports for different business platforms on resource product release, so as to realize the digital exchange between the digital publishing resource management database of China Publishing Group and various projects. 




The system has collected book resources over 2 million titles, publishing book resources over 0.1 million titles, as well as thousands of animations and audio products which has truly realized the intensive management and support on the resource of the group. 

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