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Modern Press, founded in 1982, is underChina Publishing Group Corp., a state-owned publishing corporation in China,and has been awarded the title of “National Outstanding Press” by then GeneralAdministration of Press and Publication (GAPP). In 2011, it was renamed ModernPress Co., Ltd. as required by the GAPP to reform the cultural industry system.

Its departments include: the GeneralManager’s Office (Human Resources Department), Planning & FinanceDepartment, Editor in Chief’s Office, Publication Department, Marketing & Distribution Center(Distribution Department, Marketing Department). Its editorial arm is dividedinto Popular Culture & Social Sciences, History & Culture, Children’sBooks, Music Books, and a General Editorial Office. Mr. Zang Yongqing serves asits President and Editor in Chief, supported by 12 middle-level managerialstaff.

Following the concept of “Higher Quality,Higher Goals” proposed by China Publishing Group Corp., it has published alarge number of high-quality books well received by readers in light of its owncharacteristics and formed product lines centered on literature, popularculture & social sciences, children's books and music books. 

It publishes over 600 book titles andimports and exports over 200 book titles per year. Under the leadership ofChina Publishing Group Corp., it has adhered to the path of “specialty andhigh-quality publication” in the relentless pursuit of becoming an innovativemodern publishing house.

Besides paper books, Modern Press Co., Ltd.attaches great importance to digital books and has become a level-A contentsupplier of “CMREAD” developed by China Mobile. It can upload its ownpublications to it and act as a proxy for the downloading of otherpublications.

It’s transforming into a comprehensivepublishing house engaged in multimedia operation.

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