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DaylightPublishing House (DPH), a juvenile and children’s books publishing house underthe leadership of China Publishing Group Corporation (CPGC), is an imprint ofPeople’s Literature Publishing House (PLPH). PLPH, the biggest literaturepublishing house in Mainland China, enjoys a history of 60 years.

Withthe support of PLPH and CPGC, DPH is committed to furnish the readers with themost excellent children’s books. Insisting on the concentric diversificationstrategy, DPH attaches the first importance to children’s literature, whilechildren's cartoon works, children’s science works, early childhood works, etc.also find a place for themselves. Our upcoming and in-process featured-productsinclude the most excellent international and Chinese children’s books, namely,The DPH’s Classics Series, Works of Contemporary Chinese Award-winning WritersSeries and Masters’ Classic Essays Series. Books included into theaforementioned series are the representative works of renowned literatureauthors, i.e. Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Lao She, Bing Xin and respectable modern writersincluding Jin Bo, Zhang Zhilu, Cao Wenxuan, Yang Hongying, Chang Xingang, TangSulan and so on.

DHP actively participates in internationalcooperation, and has built close relationships with Random House, Walker Books,Scholastic, Usborne and other internationally well-known publishing house, translatedand published Redwall Series, International Award-winning Books Series andother children’s books popular in the world; in the field of infant andchildren's science, DHP has published Alfons Series, Le Petit Nicolas, PocketDoodling and Coloring Series, Essential Science Series and so forth. DHP hasalso initiated a brand project named Flower of the World with ChineseSeed—International Cooperative Project of Cao Wenxuan’s Picture book, aiming atfacilitating international cooperation of Chinese original books. Besides, DHPhas published a science magazine named Daylight Science for Kids.

MayDPH’s children’s books give you a joyous time every day!

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