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TheCommercial Press was founded in Shanghai on February 11, 1897. After severaldecades, she developed into a cultural and educational institute withpublishing as her major business. During her peak time, she ranked as the No. 1publisher in Asia and among top three publishers in the world. The Press had aGeneral Administration Department and four divisions, namely,Translation andCompilation Division, Printing Division, Distribution Division and ResearchDivision, in Shanghai. There were over 5,000 staff working for her severaldozen branch companies and over a thousand sales outlets in China and abroad. Duringthe time, over 40% of all titles published every year in China were from thePress.In the beginning of 1932, her Shanghai headquarters was destroyed inJapanese bombing, but the Press started rejuvenating from August of the sameyear. During the Japanese war period, the Press set her General AdministrationDepartment in Changsha in 1937. She moved to Chongqing in 1941 and returned toShanghai in 1946. After the founding of the new China, the Press was the firstto propose public-private joint management and became a central publisher aftermoving to Beijing in 1954. In 2002, China Publishing Group Corporation wasformed with the Commercial Press as its member. In 2010, the Press wasrestructured into The Commercial Press, Ltd.

As aleading pioneer of modern Chinese publishing, the Press has continued her traditionand glory through several rounds of destruction and rejuvenation. She haspublished over 50,000 titles since her founding, including such representativeworks as Ci Yuan: A Dictionary of ChineseEtymology, A Series of Books in FourCategories of Literature, Wanyou Library, Xinhua Chinese Dictionary, The Dictionary ofModern Chinese, Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, TheChinese Translation of World Famous Academic Works series and Chinese Famous Modern Academic Works Series. Many of herpublications have received national and international awards such as the International Platinum Star Award and the National BookAward and have beenpresented to foreign guests as national gifts by Chinesenational leaders.

For 118 years,the Press has taken on the responsibility of broadening the public’s outlookand promoting education as her mission. In the new age, the Press has focusedon improving brand management and building corporation culture. She has adopted“quality, responsibility, innovation, cooperation” as her corevalues and reshaped her core corporate ideas into “Commerce is preceded withculture. All creativity serves the name brand”. The Press was awarded the titleof “One Hundred Best Publishers in China” and the Chinese Government Award for Publishing.

Atpresent, the Press consists of 20 departments, including four centers, namely,Chinese Publishing Center, Academic Publishing Center, Education, Science andCulture Publishing Center, Digital Publishing Center and Multi-media ProductionCenter, and two editorial departments, namely, EnglishEditorial Department and Foreign Language Editorial Department. The Press alsoowns 15 wholly-owned and holding branch companies all over China. She publishedover 1,000 titles in 2013 with a total production of over 2 billion RMB yuan,ranking No. 1 with a 2.65% market share in China’s book retailing market.

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