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Encyclopedia ofChina Publishing House (ECPH) was founded on November 18,1978. In over thirtyyears ECPH presented such large general encyclopedic compilations asEncyclopedia of China (74volumes), Encyclopedia of China (Concise Edition)(12volumes), Encyclopaedia Britannica (International Chinese Edition)(20 volumes),Encyclopedic Dictionary of China (10 volumes), Encyclopedia of China (SecondEdition); about 100 specialist, local encyclopedias, a wide range of serialreference books and books of popular interest, totaling over 6,000 titles havebeen produced. In cooperation with a great number of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwanand other overseas publishers, ECPH offered over 300 titles. ECPH’s works alsoinclude more than 200 electronic publications, audio-video products and digitalpublications. ECPH also runs some periodicals: Encyclopedic Knowledge, Red RealEstate, Mini Encyclopedia and City Weekend (English). More than 200 titlesoffered by ECPH were awardedthe National Best Publications Prize, National Prize for Best LexicographicalWorks or the Best Publications Prize of China.

Being one of thelargest publishing enterprises of China, the Encyclopedia of China PublishingHouse is affiliated with the Knowledge Publishing House and its ElectronicAudiovisual Publishing House. Having a total staff of nearly 500, among whom200 are editorial and publishing professionals, and editors expert in almostevery field of modern science and culture, this publishing house is capable ofpublishing various kinds of popular books and cross-medium publications. Abuilding complex of 18,800 km2, a well equipped computerized editor area, alibrary with a large collection of books, an encyclopedic terms center withenormous technological strength and all kinds of auxiliary facilities, allthese enable this publishing house to provide comprehensive services inediting, publishing and issuance. Enjoying the right to manage foreign trade,we are also capable of carrying out import & export transactions ofvariousm publications with countries all over the world.

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