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People's Music Publishing House is the only national-levelmusic publishing house in China, and is affiliated to China Publishing Group asthe “national team” of Chinese music publishing.  The publishing house has Huayue PublishingHouse and the People's Music Digital Publishing House as its subsidiaries aswell as People's Music Publishing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd as sub-branch located inShanghai.

Since its establishment60 years ago, People's Music Publishing House has dedicated itself to themission of "publishing records music, and music records history" withits spirit of loyalty, professionalism,creativity,and excellence.Its publishingphilosophy is "Responsibility, Quality, Integrity, and Receptivity."Its goal is to create a modern music publishing company that is not only theleading publisher in China but also one that is highly competitive on theglobal stage. Its products cover sheet music and music books, music educationand methods, music magazines, and digital publications. So far it has publishedover 10,000 titles and more than 800 kinds of digital products, with an annualsale of 100 million copies of music textbooks and over 1000 titles on sale permonth in Mainland China. The publishing house also publishes four influentialperiodicals: Music Research, China Music Education, The Piano Artistry and TheWorld of Singing.

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