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SDX Joint Publishing, the history of which is dated back to 1930s,with the full name meaning Life, Reading & New Knowledge, concentratedon the humanities and social sciences, boasts a high fame in academic &cultural publishing field in China,and gains reputation for its strong brand identity among readers. Itspublications cover philosophy, politics, history, economy, literature, art,etc. In 2002, SDX became a member of China Publishing Group. Working towardsthe objective of “serve the readers wholeheartedly” and defining“Humanitarianism & Wisdom” as its tenet, SDX always demands itself to bethe best and a vanguard publisher. In the past twenty years, over threethousand titles of books have been published, among which Works of Chen Yinque,Works of Qian Zhongshu, SDX & Harvard-Yenching Academic Library series areprovided with important ideological, cultural and social value. Fu Lei’s FamilyCorrespondences, Ba Jin Random Thoughts, We Three (Yang Jiang 2003), JohnMaynard Keynes 1883-1946 (Robert Skidelsky 2006) and many other culturalreadings are always in great demand since published. SDX is also famous for itsseries books like Modern Western Academic Library, The Frontiers of Academia,Culture & Life, New Knowledge, The Origin of Western Scholarly Study andetc. which introduced many worthy foreign theories and academic studies toChinese readers.

Besides book publishing, SDXis also committed to a family of journals. Reading Monthly, Life Week,Philharmonic Quarterly were founded beginning in 1994 and a monthlymagazine Wissen (New Knowledge) has been established since 2013. Philharmonic Quarterly is now animportant journal of classical music; Life Week is rated the most influential general-interestmagazine in China;and Wissen (NewKnowledge) gains great distinction as a new magazineproviding whole new aspect in field of popular science. Inrecent years, SDX has begun to invest in multimedia publishing. In 1996, SDXestablished SDX TaofenBook Center, renamed in 2010 to SDX Taofen Bookstore, which is one of the best humanities andsocial sciences bookstores in China.In 2014, it started to be the very first open round-the-clock bookstore in Beijing serving audiences from allaround China.

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