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China Translation & PublishingHouse (CTPH) (derived from the China Translation & Publishing Corporation'spublishing sections) is a State Council-approved national-level translation andpublishing organization founded in 1973 and attached to the State Bureau ofPublication, the General Administration of Press and Publication and the ChinaPublishing Group Corporation. After more than 40 years of development, CTPC hasformed two business sections for translation and publishing. Following thegeneral plan of professional development by the China Publishing Group, theChina Translation & Publishing Corporation was separated into the ChinaTranslation & Publishing House and China Translation Corporation with theapproval of The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film andTelevision of the People's Republic of China in 2015.

Afteraccumulating long-term publishing experience, the business of CTPH has developed from publishing the books of the UnitedNations only to translating and publishing excellent works from a variety ofcountries around the world, as well as a variety of comprehensive books fromsole language translation works. In addition, its mode of publication hasevolved from paper products to audiovisual products, E-journals and multimediapublications. With ‘Going Global’, ‘Art & Novels’, ‘Foreign LanguageLearning’, ‘Children's Books’ and‘Support and Help the Learner’as its five mainproduct lines, CTPH publishes more than 300 new books annually, introduces andoutputs more than 100 kinds of copyrighted books and has formed a publishingpattern characterized by Chinese and foreign language learning and Sino-foreigncultural exchange.

The key branded Going Global products:Chinese Culture Essence (bilingualedition), General History of China (English edition), Kaleidoscope: Ethnic Chinese Writers ( I )(English edition), Reading China·Tibetan Young Writers Series (English edition), ReadingChina Collection (English edition), FromInside China Series (Englishedition), The Golden Lotus (Chinese-Arabic edition), Minority Writers Series (Englishedition), Chinese Stories·Yangtze River Collection(English edition), ChineseStories·Yellow RiverCollection(English edition), etc.

The key branded Art & Novel products:History of theCivilizations of Central Asia, General History of Africa, Great Ideas Series (English-Chineseedition), World Literature Masterpieces(Chinese & English editions), TheReport of China (Chinese edition), ChineseStories·Yangtze River Collection(Chinese edition), ChineseStories·Yellow RiverCollection(Chinese edition), etc.

The key branded Foreign Language Learning products: translation theories and practices, translationtextbooks, practical oral books in multiple languages (English, Japanese,Korean).

The keybranded Children's Books products: the Wee Sing series for the initiation of children to English,bilingual versions of the picture books of Dr. Seuss including The Cat In the Hat for popularizingscience among children, Katie and theBathers for their art enlightenment, the Greek Mythology collection of children's literature, Walking Into the Sea World, picturebooks about children's growth by domestic writers, etc.

The key branded Support and Help the Learner products: educationalbooks based on local textbooks, books for foreign language examinations such asNew Channel IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and so on, the general English learning books ofthe Onxiu Series, Books of Maritime Consciousness, PsychologicalHealth Education, etc.

Asidefrom publishing books, CTPH has also successively established magazinesincluding Autocar,Yangtze DeltaMagazine andThe Week. Taking the urban fashionfollowers and ‘raceaholics’ as its readership, Autocar aims to provide accurate, comprehensive and healthy fashionand automobile information. YangtzeDeltaMagazine is an authoritative magazine that reports the economic anddevelopment trends of the Yangtze River Delta area, advertises investmentenvironments and studies, guides and promotes national regional economicdevelopment. The Week, publishedweekly, is a fashion consumption magazine of extensive real estate. Mainlycovering the areas of news, real estate, fashion and consumption, The Week caters to a trendy metropolitandemographic with its advanced ideas and distinctive and fashionable binding andlayout.

Insistingon the enterprise spirit of ‘people first, solidarity and cooperation,practicability and creativity, and the pursuit of excellence’; CTPH pursues thecareer goal of win-win cooperation and joint development. CTPH not onlypossesses excellent books that win awards every year, it also gets many booksenrolled into the publishing plan for national important books. Our membershave obtained great awards such as being named in the Top 100 Workers inChinese Publishing, China Taofen Prize on Publishing, The Prize for NationalOutstanding Young to Middle-Aged Book Editor and so on.

Asa member of the China Publishing Group, CTPH alwaysmaintains the purpose of promoting culture and inheriting civilization, sticksto the principle of putting social benefit first and unifying it with economicbenefit, and accepts the mission and duty of continually presenting excellentpublications to society, the nation and the world in order to achieve a newleap in the new start.

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