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OrientPublishing Center, member of China Publishing Group, is a comprehensivepublishing house at state level. The main task of OPC includes editing andpublishing of academic works on social sciences, small and medium-sizedencyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books and popular books, at the sametime, publishing of periodicals, electronic publications and audio-visualproducts.

TheCenter is located near Shanghai Hongqiao Development Zone. Its predecessor, theShanghai Branch of Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, was established onNovember 18th, 1978. Many famous publishers and scholars, such as Chen Yusun,Tang Jihong, Wang Yuanhua and Luo Luo successively held a leading post in it.

TheShanghai Branch of Encyclopedia of China Publishing House changed into thepresent name on October 11th, 1995. By now, it has published an accumulativetotal of more than four thousand titles, of which, Encyclopedia of China, wonthe National Book Award, Science of Chinese Poetry won China Book Award, TheSubmerged Splendor and The Daya Village Talk won Lu Xun Literary Award.

Asfor periodicals, the Center has launched successfully mainly 3 titles:Metropolis BIBA (semimonthly), Metropolis (semimonthly) and China Advertising (monthly).Metropolis BIBA, issued in 1999, is a female-oriented magazine, dedicated toprovide the urban women with stylish and healthy life modes. Metropolis startedpublication in 2000, advocating the quality business life from Man’sperspective. China Advertising was set up in 1981 as the first professionaladvertising publication in China, providing related information and researchwork on China advertising status.

OrientPublishing Center, since its establishment, has always dedicated to promote thecooperation with overseas publishing organizations, to bridge the culture andacademic communication and explore overseas business. Over the past two decades,the Center has established long-term partnership with many reputableinternational publishing houses, including Encyclopedia Britannica Co., HarvardUniversity Press in USA, Cambridge University Press and Oxford University Pressin UK, Flammarion Publishing Co. in France, Kodansha Ltd. in Japan, Joong AngM&B Lnc. in South Korea. The Center has played an active role in theculture and academic exchange between China and the world.

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