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World Publishing Co., Ltd. (WPC for short) was established in1986, headquartered in Beijing. WPC is the first trans-regional intensivemanagement enterprise which sets 7 branch companies of Beijing,Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Changchun,World Publishing Audio-Video & Electronic Press ltd. and China scientific&cultural audio-video publishing Co.,ltd.

WPC is the member of China Publishing Group Corp. Since its foundation, WPC regards“Let the world know China and present China to the world” as its tenet, and “Makethe country strong through science and education, make science and educationprosperous through books, serve scientific research, and serve institution ofhigher learning” as its management philosophy. WPC gives priority to publishbooks relevant to science and technology, language and reference, and introduce monograph of science and technology overseas, journals of science, teachingmaterial of higher education and photocopy of original edition to China, whichhas already made key contributions to the development of science and technologyand education in China. 

In recent years, the World Publishing Corporation hasundertaken more than 40 national key projects in the "The 9th five-yearplan", "The 10th five-year plan", "The 11th five-yearplan", and "The12th five-year plan". Such like "Thousandsof science and technology books project", "A series of Xia Shang Zhoudynastic history project", " Chinese edition of Cecil Medicine (19-23thEdition)", "TheStudy of Mediaeval-Time Literature", "China Geography Encyclopedia". Andhas also published key projects concerning. A group of outstanding books havebeen published, such as Zhou Yuan Oracle,Rich Dad, Poor Dad, illustration of Chinese Traditional Festivals, "Handbook of Print Media, Complications of Modern Surgery, and Chinese calligraphy dictionary. By establishing a cooperative relationship with 108 foreign publishers from 22 overseas countries and regions, WPC has created a good international image with the overseas publishing industry, and a reputation forintegrity.

With the characteristics, brand and strength with thespirits of exploring, developing and innovating unceasingly, WPC, just at thetime of vitality, is advancing to be a domestic first-class and internationalwell-known scientific-technical comprehensive publishing company in the newcentury publication enterprises.

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